About us

We are an independent, professional, caring & friendly family run business.

I qualified as an Optometrist when I was 40yrs old, having previously worked in optics firstly as a Saturday girl when I was 16yrs old, then receptionist, then dispensing before having my 2 daughters. I went to university when I was 36yrs old.

I started my business Susan Wright Ltd in February 2005 in Altrincham. I was joined by my husband, Andy, (an Electrical Engineer) when he sold his business in 2006. He duely went back to college to train as a dispensing optician passing with flying colours. What he doesn’t know about lenses isnt worth knowing!

Nicki, my daughter also joined our team in 2006 & also trained as a Dispensing Optician. We purchased Harries Opticians in 2007. Many have asked us why it is called Harries Opticians. It is named after the previous owner, Mr D.A.R. Harries. We felt it was synomynous with the area as the practice was already over 40 yrs old at the time. Mr Harries was very pleased with this.

We sold our Altrincham practice in April 2017 so that we could just concentrate on our Stockport practice.

We are pleased to say that our business is thriving. We all work together, along with our 2 receptionist as a very good team.

Our philosophy is that our patients always come 1st. We have invested in new technology to give our patients a much more enhanced service. The eye scanner (OCT) is the most advanced addition to our equipment, being able to spot the smallest of changes in the retina & give peace of mind to our patients as well as track changes over time.
Andy & Nicki are both highly trained with this piece of equipment.

Another exciting addition is the new Visioffice which takes into account posture, head & eye anatomy, plus normal head position & dominant eye. This allows us to very accurately dispense the highest quality personalised Essilor X series lenses.

To sum us up, We are professional, caring & friendly

Susan Wright (owner Optometrist)