Supporting sustainability with Eco Eyewear

Pollution, deforestation, climate change, it’s hard to find positive news about the environment these days! But then there are those organisations dedicated to making a difference; after all, every little bit helps. ECO eyewear is one such organisation that is doing its bit to help the environment with sustainable eyewear and we’re proud to stock their range of glasses and sunglasses here at Harries Opticians.

Eyewear with a conscience



ECO eyewear is part of parent company MODO eyewear, a New York brand already known for its charitable endeavours in supporting Seva, an organisation dedicated to giving underprivileged children in India free vision screenings.

ECO eyewear takes eco-friendly fashion to a whole new level with its recycled and biobased frames. It’s recycled range is made from 95% recycled metals, ditching the linear approach of ‘take, make, dispose’ in favour of a circular lifecycle for the materials that make up these frames.

ECO’s biobased range is made using castor seeds. Yes, you read that right, their frames are made from plants or more specifically the oil they extract from the castor seeds and press into pellets. ECO continues to research ways to up the percentage of castor seeds used in their biobased frames.

How to be more eco-friendly in the UK

Simple, buy a pair of ECO glasses or sunglasses. Not only are the frames themselves environmentally friendly but for every pair you buy ECO will plant a tree in partnership with the charity, Trees for the Future. They’ve already planted over 2 million trees to date!

Stylish and sustainable

ECO eyewear isn’t just the go-to choice for anyone wanting to support sustainability; they tick the style box too. Eco-friendly fashion courtesy of ECO includes a wide range of frame shapes and designs: cat-eyes, square wireframes, Harry Potter-styled creations and many more, all in a range of colours from classic to quirky. See for yourself by visiting Harries Opticians, your opticians in Stockport, and be part of a change for the better.

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